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SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Confesses He Is “Embarrassed” After He’s Caught Flirting With MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is the first guest on MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon‘s new show Mr. Chae, the Castaway. 


When Hyungwon informed Jeonghan that he was the first guest, Jeonghan cheekily replied that he would have been sad if someone else had been the first.

This was only the start of Jeonghan’s flirting with Hyungwon. Later, Hyungwon put his arm in front of Jeonghan to protect him while driving. Jeonghan saw Hyungwon’s hand in front of him and held it, and Hyungwon sweetly reciprocated.

Jeonghan saw his opportunity and literally grabbed it!

The video went viral with over 1M views across X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok. Netizens couldn’t get over how “smooth” Jeonghan’s flirting style is. He couldn’t be more real.


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After the episode was released, Jeonghan confessed that watching it, he was embarrassed. He found it humorous, though!

Yet, Jeonghan had previously spilled that he and Hyungwon are close. However, he questions if it’s a “one-sided love” on his part.

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Still, the now-viral clip of Jeonghan holding Hyungwon’s hand is only one of many sweet and “flirty” moments between the two in the episode.


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So, check out the full episode below.

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