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Here’s A Look At BTS Members’ Line Evolution From Debut Until Now

BTS’s line distributions over their discography has been looked at before, but the data collected below looks at the lines that the BTS members have had over their songs a little differently. As BTS has evolved and grown over time, they’ve had the chance to learn what each member’s strengths and weaknesses are, which sorts of songs each of them would excel more in, and which songs some members should have less lines in. Because of that, the line evolution for each member has varied greatly over the last 7 years! Check out the bar graphs below to see how each member’s lines have changed over 21 of their main singles.


meta-chart (98)


meta-chart (96)


meta-chart (97)


meta-chart (99)


meta-chart (100)


meta-chart - 2020-07-13T205437.615


meta-chart - 2020-07-13T205630.941

Source: Koreaboo

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