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KBS’s Drama Special lineup for 2023

KBS’s Drama Special lineup for 2023

KBS has been busily preparing for the 2023 season of Drama Special, putting together an anthology this year that focuses on personal journeys. Calling out to all of us who are feeling lonely or helpless, the first teaser promises us ten different stories that may help us find our own life breakthroughs.

Brought to our screens by promising new writers and rookie directors, the series has a fairly long history on KBS, harking all the way back to 1984. Over the last 39 years, it has since gone through several evolutions before taking on its present name as Drama Special in 2010.

The 2023 lineup is as follows (titles roughly translated), comprised of eight short form dramas and two TV films.

Polar Night
(Airs: October 14 / PD Jang Min-seok / Writer Choi Ja-won)
Starring Lee Jae-won (Can We Be Strangers), Choi Sung-won (Showtime Begins), Kim Kang-hyun (Love to Hate You), and Yoon Se-woong (Miraculous Brothers), the office thriller follows the ripple effect of consequences when one ordinary employee makes a risky choice for personal gain.

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We Were There
(Airs: October 21 / PD Ham Young-geol / Writer Yoon Tae-woo)
Amidst the tragedy of a student death, the youth story explores the impact of school violence on both the victim and culprit, in addition to the bystanders, focusing on students Kim Hyun-soo (Penthouse 3), Lee Min-jae (Oh! Young-shim), Kang Na-eon (Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938), and Go Sung-min (Rose Mansion).

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Half Lie
(Airs: October 28 / PD Lee Hyun-kyung / Writer Yoon Tae-woo)
Casting cuties Kim Shi-woo (Pandora: Beneath the Paradise) and Ahn Se-bin (The First Responders 2), we may need some tissues handy as the story delves into family and divorce along with Min Ji-ah (Joseon Attorney), Kim Won-hae (Cold Blooded Intern), and Park Ji-ah (Once Upon a Small Town).

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Do-hyun’s Confession
(Airs: November 4 / PD Seo Yong-soo / Writer Jo Il-yeon)
In a heartwarming tale about starting anew and an amateur women’s futsal team, the sports drama stars Lee Yeon (D.P. 2), Baro (a.k.a. Cha Sun-woo) (The Villain of Romance), and Kim Young-ah (Behind Every Star) as well as comedian-athlete Kim Min-kyung, Shin So-yool (SF8), and Jo Yeon-jin (Live Your Own Life).

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Heat Advisory
(Airs: November 11 / PD Jang Min-seok / Writer Choi Yi-kyung)
Set around the 2002 FIFA World Cup, we follow the tribulations of 14-year-old Moon Woo-jin (Oh! Young-shim) as he faces an unexpected move to a new city – in the middle of a heat wave – while also navigating the ups and downs of puberty. The coming-of-age story also stars Park Seo-kyung (Island), Choi Hyun-jin (Joseon Attorney), and Kim Kwang-kyu (Our Blues) among others.

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Why Did Madam Give Meat to the Male Servant
(Airs: November 18 / PD Ham Young-geol / Writer Wie Jae-hwa)
A Joseon-era comedy romance that has the highly principled but tactless scholar Kim Joo-hun (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 3) demoted to the countryside, where he stumbles upon a secret rendezvous between his wife Park Ha-sun (No, Thank You) and their male servant.

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Confession Attack
(Airs: November 25 / PD Lee Hyun-kyung / Writer Choi Yi-kyung)
In a competitive fight for top of the class, second place Kim Do-hoon (Moving) confesses his (fake) ~feelings~ to first place Chae Won-bin (My Lovely Boxer) in order to break her concentration from school. But we all know the rom-com gods like to interfere with such plans and will likely shoot a real cupid’s arrow at him instead.

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Overlap Knife, Knife
(Airs: December 2 / PD Seo Yong-soo / Writer Kwon Oh-joo)

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Shadow Confession
(Airs: December 9 / PD Lee Dae-kyung / Writer Park Eun-seok)
A wistful romance about first loves and friendship, complicated by the culture of their times. With Joseon society divided by classes, gender, and strict traditions, the TV film follows our characters – played by NU’EST’s Ren (a.k.a. Choi Min-ki) (Longing for You), Park Sang-nam (The Heavenly Idol), Hong Seung-hee (Move to Heaven), and Ham Eun-jung (Love Twist) – as they stumble to express their true feelings.


Soowoonjapbang (Romanized title)
(Airs: December 16 / PD Choi Yeon-soo / Writers Kim Ik-hyun, Jo Soo-young)
Starring Astro’s Yoon San-ha (Crazy Love), Kim Kang-min (Family: The Unbreakable Bond), and Baek Sung-hyun (Love in Eyes), the TV film re-imagines the life of real historical figure Kim Yoo (1491-1555) who put together the Soowoonjapbang. Currently a national treasure, it is the oldest known Korean cookbook still in existence and the meaning of the title is the various ways to make food that is enjoyable to eat.

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KBS’s Drama Special 2023 will be launching next month on October 15, broadcasting once a week on Saturdays.

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