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Netflix whets our appetite for the rest of their 2023 K-content

I’ve been anticipating “Daily Dose of Sunshine” for months, “Gyeonseong Creature” looks amazing, and “Song of the Bandits” is set in my favorite period so I’m in for that reason alone. I avoided “DP” for a long time because I worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep after watching, and that turned out to be a well founded fear. But it was so good I don’t regret watching it, and will definitely check out the second season.

No interest in “Sweet Home 2”–too much blood and gore for me–or “Celebrity”–I feel like I’ve already seen that show, in fictional or documentary form, a thousand times. I fear “A Time Called You” is going to be long on the cringe and short on the clever, plus it’s a remake of a close-to-flawless original, and that’s never promising.

I’m confused about “Doona”–hasn’t Suzy outgrown campus romances? Or is she playing a professor having a relationship with a student? Please no.

And I agree–“Mask Girl” just looks weird.


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