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New promos for tvN’s Bad and Crazy with Lee Dong-wook, Wie Ha-joon

New promos for tvN’s Bad and Crazy with Lee Dong-wook, Wie Ha-joon

Lee Dong-wook (Tale of the Nine Tailed) and Wie Ha-joon (Squid Game) look amazing in the promos for their upcoming tvN drama Bad and Crazy. Lee Dong-wook plays the extremely capable but bad guy Soo-yeol, and Wie Ha-joon plays the righteous but crazy guy K. Supporting actors Han Ji-eun (The Witch’s Diner) and Cha Hak-yeon (Mine) round out the cast.

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The poster above shows Lee Dong-wook and Wie Ha-joon as part of a frankensteined playing card covered in blood. The caption reads: “Bad guy versus crazy guy! Personality rehab team play.”

Lee Dong-wook’s character Soo-yeol is a police investigator with a nasty personality. He gets great results because he’s all about the ends justifying the means. He’s even okay with closing an eye to corruption if it means he’ll rise in his career.

In contrast, Wie Ha-joon’s character K doesn’t weigh outcomes (or danger) when he sees corruption at play. His strong sense of righteousness doesn’t let him turn a blind eye. He believes that he was put on this earth to be a force for righteousness, and his first target is Soo-yeol.

Bad and Crazy is directed by Yoo Sun-dong and written by Kim Sae-bom (both of The Uncanny Counter), and will begin airing on December 17.

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