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News bites: July 5, 2022

1. That sounds fascinating, and with Lee Je-hoon on board, this is bound to feature some stellar acting. I haven’t seen director Yoon Dan-bi’s previous works, but a Baeksang Award signals quality. Park Jung-min and Son Seok-ku cameos would be a dream come true.

2. Still a bit sad that Lee Elijah isn’t returning, but I’m really excited for the second season. Cop dramas are a dime-a-dozen, but this show really succeeded in creating its own identity.

3. Robert Pattinson in the new Bong Joon-ho film?? I WON.

4. This is very generic Liam Neeson action movie, but I have said before that I’ll watch Jang Hyuk in anything and my word still stands.

5. I haven’t seen Anna yet and I won’t lie by saying that I find Suzy to be a particularly talented actress. However, it is commendable that she is challenging herself by taking on different types of roles. I hope she comes out from this experience as a better, more versatile actress.

6. With THAT powerhouse cast? This is gonna be so good. And yes, creepy Im Si-wan is the best Im Si-wan. It’s genuinely off-putting to see someone so nice and genial-looking be so terrifying. God I hope this gets an international theatre release.


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