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Tag: Park Se-wan

News bites: May 22, 2024

News bites: May 22, 2024 by tccolb After initially being slotted for SBS, the crime-comedy Seoul Busters (previously Not Very Strong But Charming Violent Crimes Unit) has secured a new home on Disney+ and will be launching this September. With Kim Dong-wook (Delightfully Deceitful) leading our ragtag team of bottom-tier cops, the drama also stars […]

News bites: November 28, 2023

Oops I was rewriting my comment and deleted the original before I realized it had been responded to. Here’s the revision fwiw: That poster for Knight Flower is fabulous. But dare I ask beanies this question? Ok, I dare. Does the poster suggest to you a COMEDY sageuk? Because it doesn’t to me, and I’m […]

News bites: November 8, 2023

News bites: November 8, 2023 by tccolb New character posters have been released for MBC’s The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, featuring our time-crossed bride and groom, Lee Se-young (The Law Cafe) and Bae In-hyuk (Cheer Up). With two weddings to prepare – just a few centuries apart – the fantasy rom-com will be leading […]

Lee Na-young to star in slice-of-life omnibus drama

Lee Na-young to star in slice-of-life omnibus drama by Jenzy It’s been too long since we’ve had a feel good slice-of-life drama (really, any amount of time is too long), but thankfully Wavve is here to put the universe back into balance with its upcoming drama Park Ha-kyung’s Travels starring Lee Na-young (Romance is a […]

News bites: July 13, 2022

1. The duality aspect of Lee Jong-suk’s role does kinda sound genuinely interesting. Definitely an upgrade from the typical law drama. I’m just afraid they’re gonna make it too comedic or that he might not have the acting chops to pull it off. And that’s before taking into account my chronic allergy to Yoona’s acting… […]

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