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Tag: Album Reviews

[Album Review] HA:TFELT – 1719

The former Wonder Girls member breaks out of her shell and consolidates herself as a true soloist with her first album 1719. HA:TFELT does not contain herself within the ‘picture-perfect’ supposed life of a celebrity and strives to reveal different, sometimes harsh, aspects of her life. This album tells the story of a great soloist […]

[Album Review] OnlyOneOf – Line Sun Goddess

Released in October 2019, Line Sun Goddess is OnlyOneOf’s 2nd EP. OnlyOneOf, the rookie ensemble under RSVP and a subsidiary of 8D Creative, have not developed a certain style yet; it seems that they are still looking for a musical direction although their concept is largely solidified. Stylized as 8nly8ne8f, the group was initially teased […]

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