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MJ (ASTRO) ft. Kim Tae Yeon – Get Set Yo (계세요)

(Hello everyone)Why are you still sleeping, babe?The sun has already risenWhat are you hesitating for?Why are you thinking so much?Just get your body up Let’s go wash up babe (babe)Just follow meI’m an early birdTo deliver you happinessSo you can have a refreshing day Advertisements Are you there? (Dance, excitedly)Delivery for you (Dance, breathe)All of […]

2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards Winners [FULL LIST]

Advertisements The 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards was held on April 27. The award show recognizes the brands that have the most influence on popular culture and society, the results are determined through consumer research. Below is the list of The 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards winners: Advertisements Male Variety Star: Yoo Jae Suk Female […]

ASTRO – No I Don’t (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: ASTRO Song: 아니 그래 (No I Don’t) Album: 아니 그래 (No I Don’t) Year: 2020 Advertisements Hangul: 아니 그래 우리 처음 만나 수줍었던 여름 그날로 자꾸 생각이나 하루 종일 너만 찾았죠 I can’t live without u Umm umm umm 시원한 바람 타고 니가 불어와 넌 속삭이듯 몰래 내게 들어와 니가 있었던 그 자리 여전히 […]

ASTRO To Hold Online Concert

According to a NAVER news post, ASTRO will be holding an online concert on June 28th 2020. ASTRO will hold an online concert on June 28https://t.co/heGeIMymcQ pic.twitter.com/Br7aRLxJVD — mes #TeamPinky (@OH_mes2) June 1, 2020 This is following previous artists who have done similar virtual concerts for their fans in this time of social distancing. Advertisements […]

ASTRO – Knock (Indonesian Lyrics Translation)

Artist: 아스트로 (ASTRO) Song: 널 찾아가 (Knock)(Indonesian Translation) Album: Gateway Year: 2020 Advertisements Lyrics: Oh Yeah Uum Aku memejamkan mataku di malam hari dan memikirkan dirimu Seberapa jauh dirimu akan berjalan dengan hatimu yang patah Aku masih merindukan dirimu Dirimu mencariku dalam mimpi yang begitu jauh Dirimu adalah bintang, yang lebih berkilau daripada sinar rembulan […]

ASTRO – All Night (Indonesian Translation)

Artist: 아스트로 (ASTRO) Song: 전화해 (All Night)(Indonesian Translation) Album: All Light Year: 2019 Advertisements Lyrics: Aku tidak mengerti mengapa aku memandangi telepon genggamku lagi Berpura seolah tidak peduli Begitu aneh, aku menanti telepon darimu malam ini Malam terlampau larut, tapi tak mengapa, aku tidak tidur Tiap kali mengerjapkan mataku, aku dapat melihat dirimu Akan terjaga […]

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