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Girls Generation’s Seohyun Limits Comments On Her Instagram, Is This Related To Kim Jung Hyun’s Attitude Controversy?

[ story continues below ] Girls Generation’s Seohyun has limited comments in relation to her Instagram account. The beloved idol-actress has been receiving massive support amid the resurfacing of Kim Jung Hyun’s attitude towards her and the staff of “Time.” The actors had done a drama together and he was severely criticized for his attitude […]

Five Girls Generation members have renewed their contracts with SM

Five Girls’ Generation members have renewed their contracts with SM. According to an exclusive report by Xports News on the 8th, Girls Generations’s Yoona, Taeyeon, Yuri, Sunny, and Hyoyeon recently renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment and will continue promotions with the agency.  Yoona, Taeyeon, Yuri, Sunny and Hyoyeon renewed their contracts with SM in […]

HYO feat Loopy, SOYEON – Dessert (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Hyoyeon Featuring: Soyeon, Loopy Song: Dessert (English Translation) Album: Dessert Year: 2020 ENGLISH TRANSLATION Chocolate Candy Fruit Honey Butter waffle and Marshmallow Mango juice I eat them up easily Even when I keep something with a deeper flavor in my mouth, it just melts away Sticky dance like honey After looking at me, you […]

HYO feat Loopy, SOYEON – DESSERT (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: HyoyeonFeaturing: Soyeon, LoopySong: Dessert (English Translation)Album: DessertYear: 2020 HANGUL Chocolate Candy Fruit Honey Butter waffle andMarshmallow Mango juice 다 가볍게 먹어치움더 딥한 맛도 머금음 그냥 녹아버리지꿀처럼 끈적인 춤 날 본 넌 Groovy [ story continues below ] 24시간이 모자라는 매일파고들 틈도 없이달콤히 녹아 들면 충분해이상도 이하도 난 No You know what I deserve (What?)DESSERT! […]

YoonA Once Tried To Quit Singing, According To SM Entertainment’s Performance Director Shim Jae Won

In 2002, when the young Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA was a sixth grader, she attended the SM Entertainment weekly Saturday open auditions. YoonA is said to have wanted to become a singer since she was a second grader — so the audition came naturally. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA [ story continues below ] After singing Wax‘s “Please” and dancing to […]

Taeyeon Reveals Her Hair Color Change

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is well known for her iconic Elsa-blonde and relatively lighter colored locks — and how Disney she looks in all the colors… [ story continues below ] … but her recent Instagram update captured Taeyeon’s hair-do switcheroo: Breathtaking Black. View this post on Instagram 코로나19 위기를 겪으며 어려운 시기에 진료 현장에서 최선을 […]

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