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Tag: Hairstyle

Stray Kids Felix’s Hair Color Evolution Is As Iconic As He is

Stray Kids‘ Felix is known for his cute, boyish visuals, and is also famous among fans for having his hair dyed for every single comeback, ever since the group’s debut! His hair color evolution is top-tier, and you will be shook at how he manages to pull off each color beautifully! 1. “Hellevator” 2. “District […]

GFRIEND SinB’s Hair Color Evolution Proves That Her Visuals Only Get Better And Better

GFRIEND‘s SinB is known as the group’s gorgeous, talented main dancer, and while her visuals and talents stay constant throughout all comebacks, her hair color does not! Here is SinB’s hair color evolution throughout the years, and it looks like her visuals get better and better with each color change! 1. “Glass Bead” 2. “Me […]

Taeyeon Reveals Her Hair Color Change

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is well known for her iconic Elsa-blonde and relatively lighter colored locks — and how Disney she looks in all the colors… … but her recent Instagram update captured Taeyeon’s hair-do switcheroo: Breathtaking Black. View this post on Instagram 코로나19 위기를 겪으며 어려운 시기에 진료 현장에서 최선을 다 해 주시는 의료진분들께 진심으로 […]

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