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Tag: I-Land

A Ghost Is Haunting The “I-LAND” Trainees, And They’re Freaking Out

I-LAND‘s trainees know that they’ll have to survive the competition, but nobody said anything about ghosts! In Episode 6 of I-LAND, things took a surprisingly spooky turn when a ghost showed up for dance practice. Image unrelated to this article. | Newsweek/Newsweek.com Seon pointed out a shadowy figure reflected behind a pillar… Your browser does not support video. […]

Top 5 Kpop MVs: Pop and Ballad BATTLE

The new releases this week are a battle between sweet ballads and solid, in-your-face pop. What side will you take? Read on and decide! My New Kpop to Spin playlist is OVERFLOWING. Come check it out! ONEUS – “Come Back Home” (Road to Kingdom) You HAVE to check out this Oneus performance! The song is […]

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