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Tag: Pyo Ye-jin

News bites: January 28, 2023

1 – given that it sometimes takes YEARS for an idol group to make it… good luck, girl, sincerely))) 2 – ghost bar, ghost hotel, ghost taxi, what’s next – ghost baths? Oh wait, Spirited Away already did that. Ghost gym? Ghost beauty salon? Ghost night club? *Oingo Boingo starts playing* Ok, the last one […]

News bites: January 26, 2023

News bites: January 26, 2023 by tccolb Although Disney+’s new poster for Big Bet 2 is a bit lackluster, I am hooked by the action and energy of the newest teaser – or maybe I’m just excited by Sohn Seok-gu (Our Liberation Notes). Along with right-hand Lee Dong-hwi (Glitch), the second season about our casino […]

News bites: January 25, 2023

News bites: January 25, 2023 by tccolb What starts as an ordinary mishap becomes a scary nightmare when Chun Woo-hee (Be Melodramatic) loses her phone in the Netflix movie Unlocked. As seen in the newest posters, said phone becomes a central part of our story, allowing Im Shi-wan (Summer Strike) to gain access to everything. […]

News bites: January 21, 2023

News bites: January 21, 2023 by tccolb Cha Eun-woo (Island) may potentially be joining Jo Woo-jin (Narco-Saints) and Ha Yoon-kyung (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) in a new crime drama called Bulk. With each character representing the police, prosecution, and vigilante justice, the story will follow our trio as they team up to tackle the underbelly of […]

News bites: January 17, 2023

News bites: January 17, 2023 by tccolb Cute character posters have dropped for The Heavenly Idol, showcasing our high priest Kim Min-kyu (Business Proposal) and idol group manager Go Bo-kyul (Hi Bye, Mama!). As Kim fumbles his way through song and dance, the fantasy rom-com will be lighting up our screens next month, starting February […]

Jeon So-ni and Park Hyung-shik face curses and false charges

Jeon So-ni and Park Hyung-shik face curses and false charges by tccolb A new teaser has arrived for tvN’s Our Blooming Youth and we finally get a better look at our runaway heroine Jeon So-ni (Dr. Brain) along with our cursed prince Park Hyung-shik (Soundtrack #1).The lonely crown prince Lee Hwan (Park Hyung-shik) is said […]

Park Hyung-shik shows his resolve in Our Blooming Youth

Such a cute, lighthearted poster… and then there’s a teaser that only lacks some zombies to naturally join Kingdom franchise lol. Well, after Happiness I’m confident that my boy can handle such crossover with ease anytime, so there’s one thing less to worry about at least. The whole “cursed by ghost” theme here is rather […]

News bites: June 11, 2022

News bites: June 11, 2022 by tccolb Although I miss the pink hair, Kim Hee-sun (Tomorrow)’s darker locks do help with the moodier vibe in Netflix’s newest poster for Remarriage & Desires. Launching next month on July 15, the satirical revenge story co-stars Lee Hyun-wook (Mine), Jung Yoo-jin (Snowdrop), Park Hoon (Soundtrack #1), and Cha […]

Pyo Ye Jin To Take Over APRIL Naeun’s Role In The Upcoming SBS Drama “Taxi Driver”

Actress Pyo Ye Jin has been confirmed to take over APRIL Naeun’s role in the upcoming SBS drama “Taxi Driver”! Following APRIL’s bullying controversy, the group has been under heavy fire, Naeun, who is the most popular and active member in her group, ended up pulled from most of her endorsements and deals, added to […]

Korean Makeup Inspiration From Korean Celebrities

As you scroll through your social media feeds, you may have come across one or two looks from the biggest Korean celebrities that you sure fancy! If you’re wondering how those chic makeup looks were achieved, we’ve got you covered! You might also like to read: Fall/Winter Korean Makeup Looks Inspired By K-stars Please note: This […]

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