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Kyuhyun – Love Beyond Words (사랑은 말로 표현하는게 아니래요)

Whenever I see you, strangely, my heart acts on its ownI didn’t have the heart to love anyoneBut after I met you, I got courage Whenever I see you, my heart trembles and I don’t know what to doI didn’t have the heart to love anyoneBut you’re the one who came to me, love They […]

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk And Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Are Teaming Up To Host A New Variety Program

MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk are teaming up to host a brand new program called Back to the Idol. Produced jointly by MBC‘s digital studio M-Dromeda and KT Seezn, the new cover dance variety program will take a look back on hit performances from the 2000s. Each week, different idol guests will put […]

KYUHYUN – Dreaming (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: KYUHYUN (규현 of Super Junior)Song: DreamingYear: 2020 HANGUL 까맣게 변해버린 어둔 세상에하얀 펜을 잡은 꼬마 녀석이다시 한 번 나를 불러 그칠 것 같지 않은 무서운 비가한 번 크게 울고 사라질 때면날 비추는 너를 느껴 두려움에 떨며 숨어 있었잖아혼자서 몰래 울고 있었잖아한참을 지나 눈떠 깨어보니날 반기는 저 햇살은 넌 나만의 꿈을 담은 Story저 밝은 햇살을 […]

Zhoumi feat Ryeowook – Starry Night (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: 조미 (ZHOUMI) Song: Starry Night (English Translation)(with RYEOWOOK) Album: Starry Night Year: 2020 Lyrics: Don’t go, don’t go, don’t leave me here and go Don’t, don’t, don’t say you’re leaving I gave you everything, I gave you my all I’m disappearing like ash I need you for my lonely nights To be filled with […]

EXO Kai Accepts Super Junior Siwon’s #ThanksTo Challenge

EXO Kai joined the many celebrities in South Korea in honoring the frontliners amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Kai shared a photo of him while doing the “respect” hand sign on his Instagram account. This is his acceptance to Super Junior’s Siwon’s challenge to express gratefulness to the heroes who are battling against COVID-19. Read about […]

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