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What’s The Future Of AOA As 4-Member Group?

Article: Kwon Mina’s bullying revelations →Jimin’s withdrawal, future of four-member AOA is also dark cloud

Source: Newsen


A dark cloud is looming over the future of AOA as a four-member group.

Allegations of bullying by former member Mina that spanned a decade caused leader Jimin to eventually leave the group and exit from the entertainment industry. However, public criticism is still strong against Jimin, the remaining members and their agency FNC Entertainment.

There has been talk of crisis after Mina’s departure in 2019 and group reorganized as five however the group calmed concerns through their performances on Mnet‘s survival program ‘Queendom‘. AOA showed off the team’s sophisticated and sexy image and unexpected girl crush garnering praise and “rediscovery” of the group.

However, the group is facing another crisis with leader Jimin’s controversy and exit which left AOA with a blemish that will be hard to overcome.

It remains to be seen whether the remaining four members Seolhyun, Yuna, Hyejeong, and Chanmi can overcome the crisis but at the moment it seems like the group is on a free-fall.

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  1. [+1,648, -14] What four-member group…just disband.
  2. [+1,531, -27] Those same members closed their eyes and ears until the end..they’re no different than Jimin
  3. [+1,228, -18] They sat on the sidelines and watched her get bullied. I was rooting for them during Queendom but I don’t care to see them anymore after this. 
  4. [+140, -1] AOA members sat there and watched. Mina didn’t ruin the group they did. Don’t even think of blaming her. Your greed was what crushed you in the end. Get that straight and disband without any grudges against Mina. 
  5. [+134, -3] They’re probably at home having a smoke gritting their teeth trying to hold it right nowㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+124, -2] I think the sex at the dorms was the last straw for FNCㅋㅋ. Once that came out FNC probably shouted hooray and wrapped up what’s left of the mud fight and kicked out Samuel Jacksonㅋ
  7. [+114, -0] Jimin brought in a man to their dorms to have sex and got too loud to the point that Mina had to go sleep in the practice room. Really makes me curious how loud they were that she thought to sleep elsewhere. What the hell is that? What the f*** is that? 
  8. [+107, -8] Especially Seolhyun, she was always next to Jimin and was her bestie in the group. Makes me think she’s a b**** like her too. 
  9. [+89, -3] Let’s be honest, it’s the Seolhyun group now..
  10. [+81, -1] I’ve never seen a group churn out as many members as they have. They’re better off disbanding. 

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