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Viu Original Series “My Bubble Tea” Promises To Enchant

This weekly romcom stars 2PM’s Nichkhun, Mean Phiravich, and Proy Manasaporn A love potion bubble tea, two handsome young men, and the woman caught in between; these are the elements of the latest Viu Original from Thailand that mixes a chaotic love triangle formula with Asian supernatural beliefs. “My Bubble Tea” is a romantic comedy […]

“Backstreet Rookie” Releases New Teaser Video

“Backstreet Rookie” has released an entertaining new teaser which was shared by Ji Chang Wook on his Instagram account. Based on a hit webtoon, “Backstreet Rookie” is a romantic comedy about the unpredictable love story between convenience store owner Choi Dae Hyun (played by Ji Chang Wook) and part-time employee Jung Saet Byul (played by Kim Yoo […]

Which Food-Themed Drama Are You Going To Watch?

Food-themed dramas do fairly well and reaches across different age groups and countries. There’s nothing like watching appetizing dishes along with good story telling. Even a simple instant ramen with kimchi on the side is enough to trigger K-Food craving while watching K-Dramas! We have a few Food-themed dramas coming our way. Which one are […]

“Backstreet Rookie” Ji Chang Wook transforms perfectly into a ‘heodang’ store manager

Actor Ji Chang Wook’s first appearance as a “heodang store manager” at a convenience store has been revealed. [Note:  “Heodang” means a person who is just a little bit odd in their way of thinking or someone who does not quite understand something the first time something is said; someone who is easily confused.] SBS’s […]

All Eyes On Dual-Role Woo Do hwan

A warrant of arrest should be served to Woo Do-hwan.  He’s guilty of consistently stealing scenes in the drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” (TKEM). He plays Jo Yeong “The Unbreakable Sword” or in layman’s term, the king’s bodyguard. He was supposed to be just the best friend in the background, sternly protecting King Lee Gon […]

Choose Your Alternate Ending For “The World of The Married”

For a lot of K-Drama lovers, it still hasn’t settled in yet. The emotional series The World of The Married aired its final Episode 16 on May 16, 2020 and the chilling, thought-evoking finale left the viewers speechless.  While most viewers believed it to be a fitting conclusion to wrap up the tragic story of exactly […]

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