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How To Make A Melon Account

Melon is a app where you can stream and download worldwide music, while helping your favorite artists get on the top of the searched keywords as well as the top of the charts and get recognized awards on weekly music shows! However, the app has been known to be exclusively for people in Korea only. That is why we are here! To show you how to support your artists so you can feel proud in the fact that you helped your idols get one of their dreams accomplished–number 1 on music shows. 

1) Go to melon.com and click on 회원가입.

2. Click on the box next to “이용약관, 개인정보 수집 및 이용에 모두 동의합니다.” and make surea all the boxes are clicked. Then click on the green box that says, “다음 단계”.

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3. Fill out next form and click “다음 단계” when finished.

4. Click the bubble for “이메일 인증” and enter your email in the next section. When you enter your email, click “인증번호 받기”, and check your email. !!Make sure you check your spam box as well!! When you receive your registration number, enter in the next box and click “인증하기” to check the number. If it is wrong, red writing will come up next to the button. If that happens, double check the number. If green writing  comes back, continue. Decide whether or not you would like event emails, then enter the security code. 

5. You will then approach this screen, which is just confirming your account. If everything is correct, click “멜론 홈” and you will return to the Melon homepage.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment down below! Happy listening!!!

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