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Ji Chang-wook, Sooyoung, and Sung Dong-il make wishes come true in new promos

Ji Chang-wook, Sooyoung, and Sung Dong-il make wishes come true in new promos

With the premiere now just a week away, more promos have been released for KBS’s upcoming melodrama If You Wish Upon Me.

In a story about finding peace and fulfillment – even if in life’s final moments – Ji Chang-wook (The Sound of Magic) stars as the lost soul Yoon Kyeo-rae, who ends up joining the volunteer group, Team Genie, at a hospice dedicated to palliative care.


With the mission of making the last wishes of patients a reality, Team Genie is led by Sung Dong-il (Ghost Doctor) in the role of Kang Tae-shik and Hospice Nurse Seo Yeon-ju, who is played by Sooyoung (Run On).

In the supporting cast, other Team Genie volunteers include Cook Yang Hee-kyung (Secret Royal Inspector and Joy), Cleaners Gil Hae-yeon (Voice 4) and Yoo Soon-woong (Wild Boar Hunting), as well as Jeon Chae-eun (The Devil Judge), among others.

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The video teaser begins with patients explaining that their lives are nearing the end and Volunteer Leader Kang asks, “What kind of miracle are you hoping for? Don’t you know who we are? Are we not Team Genie? We are the Wish Avengers.”

As we watch Nurse Seo and the Team Genie volunteers at work, the intermittent text screens read: “Our last gift is what you wanted to see, wanted to say, or wanted to fulfill. We will make them come true.”

The teaser then closes on the lesson our hero is learning: “Death does not mean the end of everything.”

Directed by PD Kim Yong-wan (The Cursed) with scripts penned by Jo Ryung-soo, If You Wish Upon Me premieres August 10 in KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday slot.



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