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News bites: July 20, 2022

1. I am once again in love with Sooyoung.

2. Won Jin-ah’s hair is a mess, but I may be able to forgive it if the show is good. Emphasis on may.

3. Namgoong Min in a ROMANCE??!? Without Kim Ji-eun??? HOLY SHIT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. He’s finally going back to his romantic lead era. I’ve waited 84 years for this…

4. This better not be a romance because that age gap is uncomfortable as hell. Yoon Chan-young is like 20, what the hell is wrong with people? Also the phrase “virgin ghost with amnesia” broke my brain.

5. Sam Levinson needs to fix Euphoria (and hire an actual writer’s room!) before he makes and ruins another show. Besides, that’s a full cast of nepotism babies and singers with no acting experience. At least Euphoria has some great performances to alleviate the misery of Sam Levinson’s terrible writing. Huge pass.

6. I loved back in King 2 Hearts! It’ll be good to see her back on my screen again.

7. MBC is basically dangling the show in front of my eyes and baiting me to watch it, because that cast is freaking fantastic until you get to the FL. Why did they have to cast the most uninspired, bland lead actress imaginable? Was nobody else available that day??


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