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MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her Hair Is So Damaged, She Went To The Hospital For Scalp Treatment

MAMAMOO’s Solar recently revealed the shocking extent of her scalp damage from years of dyeing her hair.

Her hair bleaching phase began during MAMAMOO’s “Yes I Am” Era in 2017 when she decided to try pink hair. She continued to switch from color to color as the years progressed.

I think it started with ‘Yes I Am,’ my hair dyeing.

— Solar

During “Wind Flower” in 2019, she was finally able to give her hair a rest by returning to a dark color and staying away from bleach temporarily. However, this rest period didn’t last long and she soon lightened her hair again.

This has continued up until her latest comeback where she sported a light ash brown/blonde color during her solo promotions for “Spit It Out” in April 2020.

After continuously dying her hair for almost four years, she suddenly noticed a change in her scalp.

There was this discharge and my head was so itchy.

— Solar

Her scalp became so irritated and itchy, she couldn’t stop scratching it until the point that there was dried blood.

When she showed her hair to her hairstylist, they were completely shocked at what they were seeing.

They told me my hair condition was the most severe instance they’ve seen.

— Solar

The hairstylist advised Solar to go to the hospital and receive an assessment to see what could be done to help heal her scalp.

Luckily, Solar has been able to receive treatments for her scalp condition that can hopefully help bring her back to how her health was before the years of dyeing her hair.

Right now, I’m going to that hospital and receiving treatments.

— Solar

Since her roots have grown out, she decided to go back to black for a while to help nourish her hair and stay away from bleach for as long as she can.

Watch Solar talk about her hair and dye it back to her original color below!

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Source: Koreaboo

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