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News bites: January 22, 2022

News bites: January 22, 2022

  • Netflix is planning a new revenge drama called The Glory, with Park Sung-hoon (Memorials) and Song Hye-gyo (Now We Are Breaking Up) as the leads. The production will be headed by writer Kim Eun-sook (The King: Eternal Monarch, Mr. Sunshine) and PD Ahn Gil-ho (Happiness, Watcher). [Newsen]
  • Choi Ji-woo (The Most Beautiful Goodbye) has been offered a part in tvN’s upcoming drama Shooting Star. Set in the entertainment industry, the rom-com has already secured Lee Sung-kyung (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2) and Kim Young-dae (Penthouse 3). [News1]
  • TVING original I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow has released new posters featuring lead actor Park Hae-joon (A Couple’s World). Based on a popular Japanese manga by the same title, the drama also stars Kim Gab-soo (Hospital Playlist 2) as Park’s father, and Park Jung-yeon (Wind and Cloud and Rain) as Park’s daughter. [MBC]

  • Ji Sung (The Devil Judge), Seo Ji-hye (Dr. Brain, Will You Have Dinner With Me), and Lee Soo-kyung (Law School) have confirmed their roles in tvN thriller Adamas (working title). It’s a twisted tale of twin brothers whose biological father has been accused of killing their stepfather, and their hunt to uncover the truth. [KBS]
  • Kwon Yul (Dal-li and Gamjatang) and Park Se-young (Special Labor Inspector Jo) are considering roles in tvN’s new drama Mental Coach, Go Your Own Way, which explores mental health and retirement in the sports world. [Star News]
  • MBC’s Tomorrow has released stills from the first script reading along with a new video teaser. The fantasy drama stars Kim Hee-sun (Alice), Kim Ro-woon (The King’s Affection), Lee Soo-hyuk (Doom at Your Service), and Yoon Ji-on (Jirisan) in a story about grim reapers who try to save humans. [MK Sports]

  • Disney+ has been busy in the K-drama scene and has tapped Tang Joon-sang (Racket Boys) to star in a new project called The Worst Boy in the World. [Osen]
  • Taecyeon (Vincenzo), Ha Suk-jin (A DeadbEAT’s Meal), and Jung Eun-ji (Work Later, Drink Now) are considering a new OCN crime drama, Blind. [Newsen]
  • Upcoming tvN drama Kill Heel released stills from its first script reading last week, featuring its three charismatic leading women: Kim Haneul (18 Again), Kim Sung-ryung (Are You Human Too), and Lee Hye-young (Lawless Attorney). An equally charismatic teaser also dropped. [YNews]

  • The popular Netflix series Money Heist is cranking out a Korean version starring Yoo Ji-tae (When My Love Blooms), Kim Yun-jin (Ms. Ma, Nemesis, Lost), and Park Hae-soo (Squid Game), among others. The drama is based on the Spanish original; check out the new teaser here. [Xports News]
  • Actor Choi Sung-won (Psychopath Diary) is returning to work after recovering from leukemia, and will be joining the cast of MBC’s upcoming From Now Showtime! The supernatural rom-com is about a magician, Park Hae-jin (Old School Intern), who teams up with police officer Jin Ki-joo (Oh! Samkwang Villa) to solve a ghost mystery. The drama recently released behind-the-scenes stills. [Osen, Star News]


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