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News bites: January 26, 2023

News bites: January 26, 2023

  • Although Disney+’s new poster for Big Bet 2 is a bit lackluster, I am hooked by the action and energy of the newest teaser – or maybe I’m just excited by Sohn Seok-gu (Our Liberation Notes). Along with right-hand Lee Dong-hwi (Glitch), the second season about our casino king Choi Min-shik (In Our Prime) will be continuing its story come February 15. [News1]

  • Stills from the first script reading have been released for JTBC’s Sacred Divorce, featuring our four leads: Jo Seung-woo (Sisyphus), Han Hye-jin (Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset), Kim Sung-kyun (Grid), and Jung Moon-sung (One Dollar Lawyer). Launching on March 4, this will have yet another law backdrop, but we are being promised a lighthearted human story at its core, about three friends in their forties. [News1]
  • tvN, on the other hand, brings us more stills of Kim Min-kyu’s (Business Proposal) transformation, from an other world holy priest to a Wild Animal idol. Also starring Go Bo-kyul (Hi Bye, Mama!) as said Wild Animal’s road manager, the fantasy rom-com will be gracing our screens on February 15. [Newsen]

  • As casting continues for MBC’s Lover, they announced that Lee Hak-joo (Shadow Detective) and Lee Da-in (Alice) will be playing the second leads, with the former playing a Sungkyunkwan student and the latter his fiancée. With Namgoong Min (One Dollar Lawyer) and Ahn Eun-jin (The One and Only) headlining the series, the sageuk romance will be broadcasting later this year. [MBC]
  • A new poster has dropped for SBS’s Taxi Driver 2 as our vigilante hero Lee Je-hoon (Move to Heaven) takes the center stage. With Kim Eui-sung (Under the Queen’s Umbrella) leading our ragtag crew again, Pyo Ye-jin (VIP), Jang Hyuk-jin (Golden Spoon), and Bae Yoo-ram (Yonder) will be joined this time by rookie driver Shin Jae-ha (Crash Course in Romance). The crime-action’s second season premieres on February 17. [News1]


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