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News bites: July 13, 2022

1. The duality aspect of Lee Jong-suk’s role does kinda sound genuinely interesting. Definitely an upgrade from the typical law drama. I’m just afraid they’re gonna make it too comedic or that he might not have the acting chops to pull it off. And that’s before taking into account my chronic allergy to Yoona’s acting…

2. Love the actors and PD Kim Hye-young is a queen, but I say there are way too many dramas about start-ups. You might say, “but there’s only been a few.” Well, those were already one too many and now we have one more.

3. Kim Hyun-joo is so hot my bisexual ass will end up watching even if I didn’t care for Hellbound. Maybe Jung_E will be a return to form for Yeon Sang-ho.

4. Ok, this sounds adorable??!? Why did I not know about this? Definitely not skipping this one.

5. …Did anybody ask for this? Can we please stop making everything multi-seasoned? I’m so tired.

6. Idc if this is some c-tier idol-actor project, we need more college/university campus dramas. And if this is how we get them, I’m…okay with it ig. Also a part of me is unironically looking forward to this. I just have a soft spot for these types of smaller shows. Hopefully at least one person in the cast has passably good acting talent.


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