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News bites: May 7, 2022

1. Cute! I hope this turns out good because everything I heard so far just exudes this very wholesome vibe and I’m here for it.

2. Still confused why this out of all kdrama IPs is getting a prequel. Also this totally should’ve been the OG show because it sounds so much better.


3. Now that’s a hit pairing.

4. This is unironically the funniest poster I’ve ever seen.

5. Sounds makjang-y. I wish Lee Yuri would be in dramas I like watching because she’s awesome.

6. Cool cast, but a) it’s replacing My Liberation Notes; and b) I’m allergic to more dramas in the weekend slot, so I’m out unless this is like the new hot thing™.

7. Unexpectedly hyped for it. I know adaptations can be a hit-or-miss but I can’t help it.

8. Never getting over how the show will apparently depict the main female lead as “ugly” when she’s being portrayed by f-cking Go Hyun-jung and Nana. Pack it up, makjang writers, you lot have been outdone.

9. I wasn’t as over the moon with the first season as most people because of my dumbass fear of the animated cells, but somehow I’m looking forward to this season. Maybe my fear is lessening, maybe it’s the new pairing. I’m not admitting which reason is true.



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