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Yuju feat. ISHXRK – Secret (English Lyrics)

Artist: Yuju (유주) of GFriend  (Feat. ISHXRK)Song: SecretAlbum: Alice OST 앨리스 OST Part.1 (SBS 금토드라마)Year: 2020 Ain’t nobody but you for youI’m fighting everydayKeeping my sanity Advertisements I’m on the edge and I’m fallingHold me tight unfold itTell em’ no distance tear us apart We’re the reasonYou’re the secret of my soulRunnin’ away it’s not […]

GFRIEND’s Choreography Practice Was So Intense, One Member Begged Her Dentist To Pull Her Teeth Out For Time Off

GFRIEND is known for having knife-like choreography with flawless synchronization. However, their incredible performances come with a price. Your browser does not support video. Advertisements Their extensive practice was particularly exhausting during “Rough” era. The long hours of practicing precise moves began to take its toll on the members. To be honest, it was a […]

GFRIEND SinB’s Hair Color Evolution Proves That Her Visuals Only Get Better And Better

GFRIEND‘s SinB is known as the group’s gorgeous, talented main dancer, and while her visuals and talents stay constant throughout all comebacks, her hair color does not! Here is SinB’s hair color evolution throughout the years, and it looks like her visuals get better and better with each color change! 1. “Glass Bead” Advertisements 2. […]

Top 5 Kpop MVs: The Girls Take On Summer

I’ve finally found the girls who sing the summer songs! I don’t know where they’ve been hiding, but come see what I’ve run across in my search for iconic summer songs. Advertisements Looking for more summer bops? Check out my favorites on Spotify! Lee Suhyun of AKMU – “In Your Time” It’s Okay Not to […]

GFRIEND – Apple (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: GFRIENDSong: AppleAlbum: Song of the SirensYear: 2020 ENGLISH TRANSLATION On the briar-choked roadBlood-red footsteps remainWhy does that icy decisionHurt me so, was it a mistake Advertisements Ooh no, this sweet scentBright ruby drops draw me inOoh no, lead me more into temptationYes, your scent your colorInfuse me with pleasure Callin’ me Callin’ me Callin’ […]

GFRIEND – Eye of the Storm (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: GFRIENDSong: Eye of the Storm (눈의 시간) Album: Song of the SirensYear: 2020 Advertisements ENGLISH TRANSLATION I’m running around and I don’t where I amThe pieces of time pass by me.I’m hiding my fears step by stepStumbling while walking in the strong wind in the midst of this typhoonIf it’s a wave that won’t […]

GFRIEND – Crème Brûlée (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: GFRIENDSong: Crème BrûléeAlbum: Song of the SirensYear: 2020 Advertisements ENGLISH TRANSLATION The sweet fragrance feels like it keeps tempting meI can’t get my mind together because of this shakingWhen I approach carefullyIt’s kept closed in layersI’m more curious about you somehow and fall in Your heart is CrispyBeyond your wall EverythingI want to break […]

GFRIEND – Stairs in the North (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: GFRIENDSong: Stairs in the North (북쪽 계단)Album: Song of the SirensYear: 2020 Advertisements ENGLISH TRANSLATION Let’s climb a bit bit moreOne step more, step more, let’s do thisWalked restlessly looking forward, and at the end of these stairsSpotlight of the sunlight that has been waiting for me But it seems that I’ve stayed for […]

GFRIEND – Tarot Cards (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: GFRIENDSong: Tarot CardsAlbum: Song of the SirensYear: 2020 Advertisements ENGLISH TRANSLATION Make a way Make a wayThe world spreads out at that place where my fingertips touchI can follow that fluttering Twinkling far away Better day Better dayI’m so close yet far from grasping it that it makes me more miserable Infinite countless roads, […]

GFriend Boycotts Comeback Promos on ‘Music Core’

  Source: Xports News Advertisements GFriend is boycotting MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘ for comeback promotions. According to an exclusive report by Xports News on the 14th, although GFriend just made their comeback on the 13th, fans won’t be able to see the group perform on ‘Music Core’. This is because BTS‘ agency, Big Hit, that […]

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