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Refund Sisters – Don’t Touch Me (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Refund Sisters (Lee Hyori, Jessi, Hwasa, Uhm Jung Hwa)Song: Don’t Touch MeYear: 2020 They say I’m troubleThey say I look fierce, so what?I’m dressing up, I’m getting stylishYeah I’m a lady, can’t stop me [ story continues below ] People saying uncomfortable words, crossing the lineBut I’m overcoming just to show youI want love […]

Jessi – NUNU NANA (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: JessiSong: 눈누난나 (NUNU NANA)Artist: NUNAYear: 2020 ENGLISH TRANSLATION I’m trying to give you something moreSo come with me and fly awayaway away away away [ story continues below ] That’s why I’m that nunanununu nanaPut em up in the airNuna nunaLike this oh nanana(Just dance with me)Nuna nunaAy ay ay ay You really want […]

Jessi – NUNU NANA (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: JessiSong: 눈누난나 (NUNU NANA)Artist: NUNAYear: 2020 HANGUL I’m trying to give u something moreSo come with me and fly awayaway away away away [ story continues below ] 그래서 난 눈누난나눈누누난나Put’ em up in the air누나 누나Like this oh 나나나누나 누나에에에에이 나를 지금 원해?Gimme more Gimme moreGimme more Gimme moreBaby baby yeah I want […]

Jessi feat BM & Nafla – Put It On Ya (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: Jessi Featuring: BM of KARD & NaflaSong: Put It On YaAlbum: NUNAYear: 2020 HANGUL If you really wanna party with mePut all your bands where my eyes could seeAnd I’ma put it on yaI’ma put it on yaShow me that stuntin’ ain’t nothingIce cubes in my drink we be clubbin’Ooh baby know you want […]

Jessi feat Jay Park – Drip (English Lyrics)

Artist: Jessi Featuring: 박재범 (Jay Park)Song: DripAlbum: NUNAYear: 2020 English Lyrics F**kin wit no bitchDon’t act like you know meYou funny wit money HoneyDon’t act like a Po bitch [ story continues below ] I’m sick of all these fakes (fakes)I’m sick of all these phoniesEverybody sameThey be lameThey be cloninYaya Who you think you […]

Jessi – Who Dat B (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: Jessi (제시)Song: Who Dat BAlbum: NUNAYear: 2020 HANGUL 쥐어짜지 않아도 알 사람들은 알아 they already knowGossip gossip 마치 사실 마치 전부인 양 다들 떠들어불편한 사람들 맞출 생각 없어 그냥 되게 버릇없는 女TV 예능 광고 화보 앨범 공연 행사 투어 난 바쁜 몸 [ story continues below ] Who dat BWho dat BWho dat B난 […]

Jessi Reveals Why She No Longer Agrees With Plastic Surgery

Jessi appeared on Radio Star where she openly discussed her past plastic surgeries and how she no longer believes they’re necessary. During their talks, the cast began talking about plastic surgery rumors when Jessi confessed, “I now oppose plastic surgery.” [ story continues below ] She openly confessed to the many surgeries and treatments she had […]

Stars Who Expressed Their Love For Fans Through Tattoos

Celebrities often express their undying love for their fans, and they all have different ways of showing it. Some celebrities showed fans their deep and long-lasting affection by getting inked up for them. Here are a couple of artists who overcame the pain of a needle to engrave their fandoms onto themselves. Jay Park Jay Park got […]

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