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Jessi feat BM & Nafla – Put It On Ya (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: Jessi Featuring: BM of KARD & NaflaSong: Put It On YaAlbum: NUNAYear: 2020 HANGUL If you really wanna party with mePut all your bands where my eyes could seeAnd I’ma put it on yaI’ma put it on yaShow me that stuntin’ ain’t nothingIce cubes in my drink we be clubbin’Ooh baby know you want […]

KARD’s Somin Beauty And Skincare Routine For A Poreless Flawless Skin

In the entertainment industry, the skincare products stars use are as private as their dating lives. That’s why when idols share their favorite beauty and skincare products during interviews or on social media; fans get hyped! In 2017, a few months after KARD’s Somin debut, she said during an interview, “one of the most important […]

TikTok To Hold Virtual Concert with MONSTA X, iKON, KARD, Kang Daniel and more

TikTok has announced they will hold an online concert for fans stuck at home!  The social media service announced the concert “TikTok Stage Live From Seoul”. The concert will air on 25th May and will be broadcast across the globe. Performing at the concert are MONSTA X, iKON, Apink, Oh My Girl, AKMU, KARD, CRAVITY, […]

KARD – ‘Red Moon’ MV (With Hangul/Romanized Lyrics)

Hangul Lyrics SenoritaAre you ready?원해 바로 지금 날 불러주길너를 쫓아어디든지뛰어드는 것쯤 쉬워 얼마든지 깊은 어둠 속피어난붉게 타는 태양 같아홀리듯또 La La자꾸 끌려들어만 가 Advertisements 얼어붙을 듯한 공기가서서히 끓어이상하게 뜨거워져 가참을 수 없어 yeah 흐트러진 내 마음이온통 너로 물든 밤빈틈없는 Red moonlight네게 사로잡혀 가 짙은 향기가몸을 휘감아모든 감각을 흔들어지금 이 순간너만 가득 찬내 세상 속에 와 […]

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