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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion As Yeo Ha-Jin In K-Drama ‘Find Me In Your Memory’ Episodes 9-16

Are you one of the many who are looking forward to Moon Ga-young‘s outfits every week in Find Me in Your Memory? Then here’s a treat for you! Ga-Young’s character, Yeo Ha-Jin, is a model and actress and she looked great the outfits she wore for the drama! Here are her best looks from Episodes […]

Kim Hee-Ae’s Fashion As Ji Sun-Woo In K-Drama ‘The World Of The Married’ Episodes 1-2

Kim Hee-Ae is back in the K-Drama scene! She is starring in The World Of The Married and based on the first two episodes, viewers can look forward to her fashion serves as well! From stylish upper-class style to modern homey looks, Hee-Ae is on track to be another fashionable female lead!  Here are her […]

Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Jo Yi-Seo In K-Drama ‘Itaewon Class’ Episodes 7-10

Itaewon Class got so many viewers hooked and Kim Da-Mi‘s character, Jo Yi-Seo, has sparked a renewed interest in cool and chic street style. Check her outfits from episodes 7 until 10 below. You might also like to read: Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Jo Yi-Seo In K-Drama ‘Itaewon Class’ Episodes 1-6 Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion in […]

K-Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Better? – January 2020

There is no better way to start the new year than binging our latest celebrity outfit clashes with your BFF. Make sure you have your favorite snacks in place and your notebook close (just in case you get inspired). Time to bring out your fashion eyes, let’s go! Please note: This post contains affiliate links to products […]

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