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News bites: April 30, 2022

1. Still slightly terrified of the animated cells, but I’m glad to see the show is back!

2. Jinyoung and Noh Jung-eui is a pretty pairing. I would’ve never thought of it, but I can see they’d look good together. Let’s hope the chemistry matches up.


3. Did it have to be on Disney+? What is it with shows with great casting going to Disney+? It’s like these people want me to pirate and illegally watch their content. Because there’s no way I’m missing a show with Jung Hae-in, Go Kyung-pyo, and THE Kim Hye-joon (my love ❤️).

4. I still don’t get the main pairing, sorry. And how long will Kwak Dong-yeon keep playing these secondary characters? He’s too good for this!

5. More Eom Ki-joon in non-Penthouse things is always welcome.

6. Great cast, questionable PD.

7. Sorry to these wonderfully talented ladies, but even the thought of My Liberation Notes ending makes my body break out in hives.

8. I mean, I didn’t necessarily have issues with the PD’s work on Red Sleeve Cuff, but I instinctively side-eye all the people in charge for the mess that was the second half of that drama.

9. This has the potential to be huge. And really good, if only they can restrain themselves from multiple meandering seasons. That’s what killed the original in the end.



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