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Eom Ki-joon masterminds SBS’s Escape of the Seven

Eom Ki-joon masterminds SBS’s Escape of the Seven by tccolb After being in production for what seems like forever, the promo train has finally taken off with the first script reading stills for SBS’s anticipated makjang of the year, Escape of the Seven.Brought to us by the makjang hitmakers who created An Empress’s Dignity as […]

News bites: January 4, 2022

News bites: January 4, 2022 by tccolb Joo Ji-hoon (Jirisan) may become a doctor for his next project as he’s currently considering the lead role of Dr. Baek Kang-hyuk in a webnovel adaptation called Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour. In the meantime, Joo has been busy filming for writer Lee Soo-yeon’s (Forest of Secrets) Dominant […]

News bites: July 16, 2022

1. Agreed that there can never be too many Kang Haneul dramas. If there’s one thing that man will do, it’s give a memorable performance no matter the script. 2. I’m happy to see Kim Jung-hyun return to acting (he shouldn’t have had to go on hiatus for something that’s not his fault), but I […]

News bites: April 30, 2022

1. Still slightly terrified of the animated cells, but I’m glad to see the show is back! 2. Jinyoung and Noh Jung-eui is a pretty pairing. I would’ve never thought of it, but I can see they’d look good together. Let’s hope the chemistry matches up. 3. Did it have to be on Disney+? What […]

The 57th Baeksang Arts Awards Reveals The Full Nomination List, Competition Is Stiff

The 57th Baeksang Arts Awards has revealed the list of nominees for this year’s award ceremony for the television and film categories. According to the award show, the nominees were picked from dramas, shows and films that aired between May 1, 2020 and April 11, 2021. Added to that, works that were released during last […]

Kim Soon-Ok’s “Penthouse” adds more names to their possible line up

Shin Eun-kyung, Oh Man-seok and Kang Tae-oh are considering “Penthouse”. While there are no confirmations, line-up possibilities keep surfacing for the drama. “Penthouse” is a story about a woman’s desire, motherhood, and real estate success towards the entrance of high society. It is written by Kim Soon-ok and produced by Joo Dong-min from “The Last Empress”. There have also been a series of reports of stars […]

Kim So Yeon, Oh Man Seok, And Shin Eun Kyung In Talks To Join New Drama By “The Last Empress” Creators

Kim So Yeon, Oh Man Seok and Shin Eun Kyung are in talks for SBS’s new drama from the creators of “The Last Empress.” On January 9, Kim So Yeon’s agency J Wide Company stated, “Kim So Yeon has received an offer for SBS’s new drama ‘Penthouse’ (working title) and is reviewing the role.” A representative from […]

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