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Ryu Soo Jung (Lovelyz) – Lies of Lies – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Ryu Soo Jung (Lovelyz) Song: Lies of Lies (거짓말의 거짓말) Album: Lie After Lie OST Part 2 Year: 2020 I love you, I don’t love youI’m trapped in between those twoNow wherever I lookI can’t find the answer [ story continues below ] At the very tip of my heartI wonder what words are […]

[KRN Single] Lovelyz – Unforgettable

Artist & Title: Lovelyz – Lovelyz 7th Mini Album [Unforgettable]Artist & Title (Org.): 러블리즈 – 러블리즈 7th Mini Album [Unforgettable]Audio Format: FLAC Lossless / MP3 320K / RARRelease Date: 2020.09.01 [ story continues below ] Tracklist:01. Unforgettable02. Obliviate03. 자각몽04. 절대, 비밀05. 이야기꽃06. 걱정 인형    Link Below. Can’t see? Was it K?

With Woollim – Relay (English Lyrics Translation)

  Artist: With WoollimSong: 이어달리기 (Relay)(English Translation)Album: 이어달리기Year: 2020 [ story continues below ] Lyrics: Tears are streamingI’m sweating, it’s becoming tiringRunning on this path, breathing heavilyThere’s an unusual darkness, Lonely Lonely When will this pain end?Are you feeling the same way as me?Is all the weight on your shoulders?It feels heavier than everStep by […]

With Woollim – Relay (Han/Rom Lyrics)

  Artist: With WoollimSong: 이어달리기 (Relay)Album: 이어달리기Year: 2020 [ story continues below ] Hangul: 아른거려 눈물이 흘러내려땀방울마저 맺혀 힘이 들어거친 숨소리 달려왔던 이 길이유난히 어둡게 느껴져 Lonely Lonely 언제쯤 고민은 끝이 날까너도 나 같은 마음일까어깨에 가득히 얹어진 건결코 가볍지 않는 걸한 걸음 한 걸음 가까워져서로가 서로를 믿어어느 때보다 더 내일의 널 그려 긴 시간 너머이 […]

10 K-Pop Groups That Are More Popular In Korea Than Internationally

While some groups are more popular internationally than in the domestic market, these 10 K-Pop groups are the opposite and are killing the local game. 1. THE BOYZ [ story continues below ] THE BOYZ has a sizeable Korean fanbase and gets a good amount of decent public recognition despite being from a small company, and […]

January Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Announced

The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for girl groups! Brand reputation rankings are determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of various girl groups, using big data collected from December 9, 2019 to January 10, 2020. Taking the top spot this month is Red […]

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