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“Vincenzo” Ratings Slightly Dip Despite Shocking 3rd Episode, SBS’s The “Penthouse 2” Achieves Its Highest Ratings To Date

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SBS’s The “Penthouse 2” continues to break records!

On February 27, SBS’s The “Penthouse 2” 4th episode became the highest-rated episode in this season thus far. According to Nielsen Korea, it scored average nationwide ratings of 18.8% and 24.0% for its two parts, dominating the time slot as usual across all channels and setting a new record for the second season.

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tvN’s “Vincenzo” continued to remain strong despite a slight dip in ratings, “Vincenzo” 3rd episode scored an average nationwide rating of 8.1%. TV Chosun’s “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” scored an average nationwide rating of 8.2%, while JTBC’s “Beyond Evil” scored an average rating of 4.2%.

OCN’s “Times” scored an average nationwide rating of 1.6%.

Which one of these weekend dramas are you currently watching?

Honestly, I am loving the weekend!

Source: Nielsen Korea

My personal thoughts- written by Jazmine K.

SBS’s The “Penthouse 2” is still a nerve-racking experience, this season only has 12 episode and judging by the way the script has progressed, I think it’ll be able to reach 30% soon, it’ll be very interesting to see how further it can climb. I am stressed watching it, but also enjoying my time. I’ve reviewed episode 3 already, you can read it from here.

tvN’s “Vincenzo” 3rd episode was simply shocking, I didn’t see it coming and its only getting better. I will review this week’s episodes [the review will be out shortly on the blog]. I am not only impressed but loving this look on Joong Ki, he’s nailing his role and is its so much fun to watch.

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JTBC’s “Beyond Evil” was a shocker for me, I am also really enjoying it. This week’s episodes were amazing, again. The performances and the dialogue between the main characters are crafted so well, I am so impressed by the screenwriter. It goes without saying that the lead actors are doing fantastic. I didn’t expect to like it this much, but I do. I hope it continues to be this interesting.


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